To calculate percentage, add all the marks scored in all subjects and then divide the same by total number of subjects (5), multiplied by 100 (or total marks of 5 subjects).

Multiple this by 100 to get your CBSE percentage marks. For example, say you have scored 50 in English, 50 in Maths, 70 in Physics, 80 in Chemistry and 50 in Biology.

Then, to calculate percentage of marks, 50+50+70+80+50 = 300

Now, calculate Percentage by dividing (300/500) * 100 = 60%

Please note, students have to calculate aggregate on the basis of BEst of 5, whichmust include English or a Language.

To calculate best of 4, add the marks scored in 4 best subhects and then divide by 4.

In the above example, best of 4 would be 250/4 = 62.5%.

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